Dec 13, 2011

The Wedding

Good evening,

The big day was finally here, Atsumi & Alex's wedding! Here they are all dressed up for the big occasion.

 Atsumi & Tamiko goofing around before the ceremony - while Alex does some housework (he's gonna be a good husband!)

The wedding was held in my favorite park. Tamiko looking pretty in her new dress

Alex waiting for his bride

The moment is finally here!

Sadly the guests took so long getting seated, so they didn't get to exchange rings in the beautiful afternoon light. Oh well, it was quite romantic nevertheless.

First kiss as husband & wife!

Atsumi getting her groove on

Wedding guest Aries looking scrumptious

Atsumi & Tamiko heading for the buffet

Tamiko and her friend Emma

Alex reading Tamiko a bedtime story after the successful wedding party

Thank you for looking!

Thanks to Darkling for gifting me Atsumi's wedding dress ♥

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