Dec 18, 2011

Myrtle Bungalow Make-Over

Hello again,

I'd like to share my make-over of Myrtle Bungalow on 3 Song Avenue in Sunset Valley with you. It was the first house my first Sims bought when they had enough money to buy a new house. TS3 is my first Sims game and I was such a n00b back then in June '09. I didn't know about cheats and I had barely figured out the Create A style Tool. So my futile attempts to give this house a make-over back then was rather...pathetic. lol. Well, I've learned a lot since then. So I wanted to re-visit Myrtle Bungalow and give it the make-over I couldn't over 2 years ago. I kept the original floor plan, but the landscaping is quite different from the original. Anyhoo, I hope you like what I did to the old place!

No 3rd party CC, only EA content. Play tested and checked with Custard.

Thank you for looking - have a great weekend!

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