Dec 30, 2011

New House And New Town

Hi all,

So I've been playing my 2 favorite families in the same town (on 2 different saves) for quite some time now. Their houses were quite similar as well, with the same color schemes and such. The time had come for a change of scenery. And I really like how my make-over of Myrtle Bungalow turned out, so I made it a little more kids friendly and added 2 bedrooms in the back. So now Atsumi & the gang are in a new house in a new town.

First night in the new house (I've since then replaced the island with a dining table)

The kids are getting along great in the new house

Not really sure what the twins are looking at here. lol

Boys and their cars

A nice family moment

Tamiko in her treehouse

Going for a joyride

Anything in the paper about a pink dinosaur loose in town?

Atsumi is a painter so she is at home with the little ones during the day. Here they are watching some TV

Having lunch at the new dining table while the twins play

TGIF! Finally some weekend fun!

Some hopscotch

While the twins played (and being watched by a random townie)

And Alex searched for life on Mars

 Big sister and little brother playing

 One last ride for the night

And finally a cute conversation I overheard between the twins, or maybe I made it up. Can't remember, but the pictures are cute. lol

Hey, you wanna play with the dollhouse?

Oh, come on! It'll be fun, I promise!

Yeah, okay - why not? Nothing else going on

You're right! This IS fun!

Thank you for looking and I wish you all a

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