Apr 27, 2013

Birthdays In A New Town - Yes, We Have Moved Again

Happy Saturday!

My poor Sims move a lot, but they have no choice as long as My Sim Realty keeps making all these new fabulous worlds. So Atsumi and the gang are now settled in her newest town Evansdale County. It has the same vibe as Anne Arbor, but it's smaller and prettier. Here we have Tamiko and Naomi on a stroll to buy some books.

Apr 19, 2013

Ice Skating Fail

Good evening,

So it's the last day of fall in Aurora Skies and my Sim has a wish to go fishing, so I send him to one of the local fishing spots. It's a rather chilly day so the lake is frozen and the only option is to skate. So Cale here straps on his skates and starts... uhm, wading?

Apr 14, 2013


Happy Sunday!

Here we have a Sim that has been sitting in my bin for quite some time. I have tweaked her a little now and then. She originally had dark hair, but I think this pink hair suits her really well - it's so fresh and spring like.

Apr 12, 2013

One Small Blunder = A Lovely Surprise

Hello Simmers!

So here I am again with another huge update on the family in Anne Arbor. They are enjoying the last days of winter and Tamiko is becoming quite the snow boarder

Apr 4, 2013


Evening all,

I thought I'd make a male Sim for change, been a while since the last one. His name is Jacob and I hope you like him!

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