Jan 26, 2014

An Expanding Family

Happy Sunday!

So here I am with a new update on my family. First we have another birthday, the baby of the family Miss Naomi is becoming a teen. Some of the guests were kind enough to bring some tasty chocolate gnomes. Though from a distance they looked like something else entirely...

Jan 9, 2014

Red Door Library


I made a new library for my game and I thought I would share it as well. It has a red door and so I called it...Red Door Library - sometimes I'm so creative I amaze myself! The shell is actually from this earlier build of mine. I placed it on a larger lot and completely re-designed the inside.

Jan 6, 2014

Goodbye Twallan

Thank you for all you have done for The Sims 3 community - without you a lot of us would have stopped playing this game ages ago.


Jan 4, 2014

Slumber Party, Snowflake Day & Spring Graduation

Hello everyone!

I thought my first post in 2014 would be an update on Atsumi and the gang. So first off we have the grown ups Atsumi, Tamiko and Dominic enjoying a night out

Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year & Best Wishes for 2014!

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