Jun 20, 2011

Could This Be You?

Are you addicted to the New Topic button (the answer is yes if your finger can't stay away from it for more than 5 minutes)?
Do you hijack other people's threads and make them all about YOU?
Is your favorite word I or ME, or both?
Do you start sympathy threads?
Do you bump your threads every 2 minutes?
Do you try and come up with "clever" ways of saying bump, like …, white text (you're not fooling anyone with that btw) etc?
Do you belittle new members with your "experience and expertise"?
Do you take it upon yourself to police the forums (even though no one asked you to and most people find it annoying)?
Do you think you are all that and a bag of chips?

Well, then you might be an

There is no foolproof cure yet. But scientists are working on a patch.

Have a nice day!

Jun 18, 2011

Wake Up, EA!

First page in GD on the forums moments ago:
He got himself yet another account, and I don't have to tell you what kinds of pictures he posted. And he's posting more pictures as I type. Once again you fail, EA.

Jun 14, 2011

Great Finds...MCR

It's no secret (to some of you) that I'm a HUGE fan of the fabulous band
Luckily some CC creators are fans as well, and these are my favorites:

Jun 12, 2011

Design The Room Contest Entry

Evening folks, I trust you are well.
I'm pleased to announce that I've submitted my entry to the Design The Room Contest I told you about a while back. I know you've been dying to know how I was getting a long. My entry is called Industrial Kitchen With An Eclectic Touch.

Jun 4, 2011

Breaking News: Gerard Way IS Aqua Girl!

I was browsing the exchange when I came across this:
I'm not gonna make a case out of this, this person changed just about everything about my Gerard and it doesn't even look like him anymore. I just thought it was hilarious.

Jun 1, 2011

"Our Beloved Mac Folk" What A Joke, EA!

So, I have my DD of Generations but I was waiting for Twallan to update his mods. I'm pleased to see that he has done so now (I love you, Twallan!). And then I stroll over to the Mac boards on the official to see if people have encountered any problems with the new patch and such. And boy, have they ever! I mean, look at
 This Mess
 Nothing but problems as far as the eye can see!

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