Jun 20, 2011

Could This Be You?

Are you addicted to the New Topic button (the answer is yes if your finger can't stay away from it for more than 5 minutes)?
Do you hijack other people's threads and make them all about YOU?
Is your favorite word I or ME, or both?
Do you start sympathy threads?
Do you bump your threads every 2 minutes?
Do you try and come up with "clever" ways of saying bump, like …, white text (you're not fooling anyone with that btw) etc?
Do you belittle new members with your "experience and expertise"?
Do you take it upon yourself to police the forums (even though no one asked you to and most people find it annoying)?
Do you think you are all that and a bag of chips?

Well, then you might be an

There is no foolproof cure yet. But scientists are working on a patch.

Have a nice day!

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