Jun 1, 2011

"Our Beloved Mac Folk" What A Joke, EA!

So, I have my DD of Generations but I was waiting for Twallan to update his mods. I'm pleased to see that he has done so now (I love you, Twallan!). And then I stroll over to the Mac boards on the official to see if people have encountered any problems with the new patch and such. And boy, have they ever! I mean, look at
 This Mess
 Nothing but problems as far as the eye can see!

 Apparently the latest patch (for Macs anyway) is ├╝ber-glitched causing the launcher to not open after installing it among other things. I'm so not in the mood for fiddling around with this and possibly ending up having to re-install right now. So I might just wait for a fix. In the mean time I'll build a house or design a room or something like that.

Way to go, EA!

Rant over.
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