Sep 27, 2015

Quick heads up!

*blows dust off this place*

It has come to my attention (thanks, Vid!) that it may seem like I have deleted my tumblr. Far from it, my friends. Far from it. I have just changed my tumblr url, so I'm still very much here - just under a new name:

Sims and wine forevah!

Updated Oct. 5, 2015:
I have disabled comments on this blog. If you have any questions regarding things posted here, feel free to message me on my tumblr in the link above and click the ask link.

Feb 25, 2014



So Simblr...yeah, I got one.

I know - liar, liar, pants on fire. I said I wasn't interested. And I wasn't. But the sad fact is that blogger is pretty dead nowadays, and has been for some time. A lot of the people I used to talk to and follow have either stopped blogging, left the community or relocated to tumblr.

I love to share my pics and creations, and also check out what other Simmers are up to. This blog gets quite a lot of hits, especially my creations. Which I am grateful for of course. But I don't really talk to anyone, and I miss that. I love blogger and it's been my home for almost 3 years, but it's getting quite lonely. I feel like I am here, and everyone else is way over there *points in opposite direction*. I am not deleting this blog or anything drastic like that. But I am trying out Simblr and see how that goes. So there you have it.

If you have now recovered from the shock and feel up to it, you can check out my Simblr 

See you around, lovely people!

Feb 18, 2014

New Love

Hello Simmers!

So I have a new update on my family for you. Atsumi finally gets to meet her new grandson, Xander. He looks a lot like his dad Tristan at that age.

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