Sep 6, 2013

Cooper Update: Birthdays & More

Hello folks! 
So it's been a while since I posted an update on Atsumi and the gang. I haven't really played them this summer, they've been sitting in my bin waiting for me to get off my butt and get them a a new home. I realized that my latest house Byron House would be perfect for them. I had to re-design it a little to accommodate this rather large family.

And so I made the large master bedroom upstairs into a teen room for the 3 teens, and I made the study into a master bedroom for Atsumi and Alex. And of course I added some of my beloved CC. Here we have the teens in their room

Alright, so there are 3 birthdays in this update. First it's Alex and little Mika, they share a birthday this time

I didn't bother with b-day parties this time around, the house is crowded enough at it is. Alex is first up 

Alex is now an adult, he still looks pretty much the same. I approve

Then it's sweet little Mika's turn

He turned out cute, even though most kids in this game look the same

Mika might be a big boy now, but he still likes to hang out with his little sis

A couple of days later it's the day I've been dreading, Atsumi's b-day

A new era, adult Atsumi. She also looks pretty much the same, albeit a little older. Still getting used to her at this stage

Atsumi's mini-me, Lily is my new favorite. She looks so much like her momma

Atsumi relaxing on a lovely spring day, Lily on the trampoline and Mika and friend Blake on the see-saw

Atsumi and Alex visit the park with Mika and Naomi

I rarely get the urge to kill my Sims off, but Alex was pushing his luck here. There are only 2 swings in the park and Atsumi and Mika are using them. Still Alex decides he wants to swing as well, so of course he throws a fit when he can't get on. I cancel this action thinking he'll go and do something else. Nope. Stubborn fellow.

I cancel this action 10 times (!) before I finally tell him to go and play chess with this random old dude

Cute moment - random townie couple cuddling on a bench in the park

Girls day out - Miss Naomi and her momma at the beach

Alex and Mika join them after work and school

Cutie patootie

Romantic moment at the beach

Good morning, sunshine!

Mika gets a wish to sell some baked goods. I can't remember the last time I did that and so I send him to the beach across the street to sell some freshly baked brownies

2 hours later I remember why I never do this: NO ONE EVER COMES

4 hours later: Forget it, lady - too late, I'm going home

Lily's lovely bowling face

Oh yeeeeeaaaah, I got game

Dude, seriously. What's with the helmet?

Well, that's all for now - so so nooboo

Thank you for looking!

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