Apr 18, 2012

Some Old Pics: Cormorant Renovation

Good evening, ladies and gents!

I was just going through some of my flash drives to see what was on them. I found a whole bunch of crap. lol. But also some pictures that brought back some good memories. Especially the renovation I did of the Cormorant in Sunset Valley for Composition Magazine last summer. Sadly I don't have the house anymore. So I can only share the pictures with you.

I guess it's pretty obvious that I was into concrete at the time. Mind you, looking at these pictures make me want to do another concrete styled house. 

If I still had the house I would probably make some changes, but for the most part I am happy with it. I would maybe take some new pictures though, I am better at using the cameraman mode now than I was then.
Thanks to Chelsey, Yote and the rest of the former staff for giving me inspiration ♥

Thank you for looking - maybe it gave some of you a few decorating tips!

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