Apr 3, 2012

Alexander House

Hei på deg!

For the past week or so I have been working on a house and now it is finally finished and uploaded. Play tested, appliances upgraded and checked with Custard. No 3rd party CC, only EA content.

It is a spacious family home on a 30x30 lot. It has a master bedroom, a kids room with bunk bed, a nursery with 2 cribs, a guest room with a single bed, 1.5 baths, laundry room, kitchen and dining area, living room. Outside activities include gym and martial arts equipment, a pool, hot tub, water slide and more. Lots of pictures this time, I don't think I have ever taken this many of a house before. But people love pictures, right? So, here they are:

Stuff Packs used:
Town Life
Master Suite
High-End Loft
Outdoor Living

Expansion Packs used:
World Adventures
Late Night

Click on the exchange link for list of store items used.

 I hope you like it - thank you for looking!

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