Feb 18, 2014

New Love

Hello Simmers!

So I have a new update on my family for you. Atsumi finally gets to meet her new grandson, Xander. He looks a lot like his dad Tristan at that age.

So so noobo

Lily has been single for a while because I haven't found a suitable suitor for her. Until now. This is Jack. Lily is quick to introduce herself

They hit it off instantly. What a surprise

It's going really, really well *wink-wink*

Naomi spends time with her 2 little nieces

Another turning point. I started this game with Atsumi as a single mother to toddler Tamiko. And now she is all grown up with a family of her own, so it's time for them to get their own house.  I get them settled in Maple Bungalow. Atsumi heads over to check on them

Awww, Miss Sophie - you so cute!

Coolest grandma ever

So Tamiko and her family move out and Jack moves in

When things move quickly, they move quickly - reading pregnancy books!

A quickie wedding follows

Lily looks a bit disappointed, like she wanted a big wedding instead. Sorry love, I just was too lazy to throw a wedding party!

Jack looks pleased as punch though

Grandbaby #4 on the way!

3 guesses at what time it is?! Baby time!

It's a little boy!

His name is Hunter and he looks mostly like his daddy - such a little cutie

Lily and Jack go out on a date

Out and about with daddy

Melting snow and butterflies - spring is coming

Fun with grandma on the first day of spring

Getting to know auntie Eliza

Tristan and Xander stop by and the 2 little cousins get along famously

I can still see you...

All the excitement is too much for Xander and he needs a little nap

Naomi and Hunter visit Alex, Mika and little Christina in their new home Helena House. After Alex divorced his cheating wife Lauren, I made sure their little daughter stayed with him.

Naomi makes lunch


Bonding with gramps

Lily is a little behind on writing reports in her law enforcement career and so she spends some time questioning random peeps

Miss Naomi looking pretty and very much like her daddy

Love this little guy

And I love these 2 together

Okay, I think that's it for now. Just one last pic about something that really annoys me. Why, oh why must the toddlers always sit a gazillion miles away from the TV?!

There is plenty of room in front of the TV...

Anyhooo - thank you for looking!

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