Apr 27, 2013

Birthdays In A New Town - Yes, We Have Moved Again

Happy Saturday!

My poor Sims move a lot, but they have no choice as long as My Sim Realty keeps making all these new fabulous worlds. So Atsumi and the gang are now settled in her newest town Evansdale County. It has the same vibe as Anne Arbor, but it's smaller and prettier. Here we have Tamiko and Naomi on a stroll to buy some books.

 I've moved most of the families from Anne Arbor here, as well as placing some new families. Here is Tristan's little crush Hope

It's a hot summer day and Tamiko decides to treat herself with a cool drink

Oh, dear!

 What a pity. Oh, well

Atsumi plays with the chicks

She has also taken up the rather annoying habit of randomly doing the school cheer. Even Alex is getting annoyed, he's like "Give it up, woman - you've never even been to college!"

Oh, it's you again. Always taking pictures of me and my family. Get a life

Tamiko in her lovely pink car

And matching pink hair

Alex and Mika visit the family across the street

Mika and new friend Sophie

Sophie is the daughter of Peyton - whom I've placed in a town for the first time

Another hot summer day and it's off to the beach for some fun

They stay until the sun goes down

I never have to worry about these two, I always find them together having fun

It's the day before the twins' birthday and Alex and Lily go fishing

Not sure I would let my child fish in a lake with piranhas. But that's just me

The big day is here - the twins are becoming teens. Atsumi doesn't look too excited

A birthday hug before the guests arrive

Oh, hello there grumpy lady we did NOT invite. Thanks for the food though

Everyone thinks it's a great party

Lily is up first. Everybody cheers

Here we go!

Ta-da! So pretty. She looks mostly like her momma, but also a little like big sister Tamiko I think

Then it's Tristan's turn. More cheering

Good luck, little man!

A handsome young lad. And there is little doubt as to who his father is

Know what I mean?

The twins congratulate each other

Miss Tamiko does not appreciate rudeness. Especially not on her brother and sister's birthday

I'm gonna have to ask you to leave

Toddler meeting at the library again!

While at the library Tristan runs into his crush Hope, who is now also a teen. He tries to impress her with a cute internet cats video

It works, the young lady is very impressed

She is also impressed when he gives her flowers 

Right now they are only flirting, so we shall see if it turns into something more. There is also 3 more birthdays coming up in the family, Mika and the parents. So stay tuned for that!

But for now I'll leave you with some lovely scenic pictures of Evansdale County


Thank you for looking and Happy Simming!

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