Apr 12, 2013

One Small Blunder = A Lovely Surprise

Hello Simmers!

So here I am again with another huge update on the family in Anne Arbor. They are enjoying the last days of winter and Tamiko is becoming quite the snow boarder

And Tristan is becoming quite the skater

About that small blunder in the title. After almost 4 years of playing I finally did it. I accidentally pressed "Try For Baby" instead of "Woo-Hoo"... Oh, well - life is full of surprises. But this will be the last one (I swear!) and 5 kids is really enough - even for me! But here she is, my lovely pregnant snow angel

Lily is excited about the new baby

Mika is excited about the spring ride

And some quality time with his momma

Alex is thrilled about becoming a dad again

The baby is coming - everybody freak out!

Wait - did you say freak out or pose?

I stopped cheating with the baby genders ages ago, way before I started this family. I control so much of their lives already, so I want to the genders to be a surprise. So with 2 boys and 2 girls already I was quite excited about this birth. And ta-da! It's a little baby girl!

Everyone, meet little Miss Naomi Cooper

Alex teaching his new daughter to walk

Naomi looks mostly like her momma (a sneak peek with MC revealed that she will grow up to be the spitting image of Atsumi)

Spring is finally here and they head to the park

Nerd alert!

I absolutely love Tamiko's look in this picture

Inez & Max had a little baby girl named Isabelle. Here she is out and about with her daddy

I don't want the Pets EP but I was quite excited about the chicken coop thing at the store. It seemed like a nice feature. Hello chickens, welcome to the Cooper household

I wish the tots could interact with the chickens as well, but that's EA for you

The twins on their way home from school in their new spring outfits


It's a beautiful Saturday and they visit the beach

Townie tot Marielle doesn't like to share the toys. Don't you dare touch that horse, Mika!

My horsey!

Hmmm, I wonder what sand tastes like...

My precious little ones

Little chicks in the coop - how cute!

Excuse me, why was I put in my crib? I'm not the sleepy one

2 minutes later...

The tots having breakfast in the newly re-decorated kitchen. I have actually re-decorated most of the house, not huge changes though. I was getting a little sick of the darker colors and wanted something brighter, so I mostly just changed the patterns and wallpapers

Tamiko is experimenting with different hair styles and colors - not sure if this is a keeper though

I leave you with this lovely potty duo

There are some birthdays coming up soon in this family. The twins will be teens, Mika will be a child and worst of all Atsumi and Alex will be adults. I can't imagine Atsumi as anything else than a YA - the thought of her getting older is quite sad. But, that's the way it goes - playing with aging off is not an option, that just sounds boring imo.

So stay tuned for a birthday update coming your way in the near future!

Thank you for looking!

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