Jan 26, 2014

An Expanding Family

Happy Sunday!

So here I am with a new update on my family. First we have another birthday, the baby of the family Miss Naomi is becoming a teen. Some of the guests were kind enough to bring some tasty chocolate gnomes. Though from a distance they looked like something else entirely...

Mandatory cheering and celebrating of the birthday girl

 Naomi the teen - she looks more like Alex than Atsumi I think

While Alex is attending Naomi's birthday party I get a pop-up saying that his girlfriend has given birth, he is now the father of a baby girl. Lol what?! I knew he was dating some chick, but apparently I missed the pop-up saying she was pregnant. This unexpected turn of events amuses me greatly. Anyhoo, a few days later they run in to Alex and his new daughter Christina at the library

"Hey, did you know we are practically family? Well, sort of. My dad was your mom's stepdad when he was married to your grandmother. Your uncles and aunts are my half-siblings." That's cool.

So, dad - I guess you thought you were done with diaper duty? *giggles*

Here's Christina's mom Lauren, she always looks grumpy even though she doesn't have the grumpy trait. A real charmer

My little firecracker

Father and daughter QT

Summer is coming to an end, and it's time for one last day of beach fun

Sunset tutoring

Goodbye, beach - see you next summer!

Miss Vivian is ready for fall

I get a pop-up saying Tristan has married his longtime girlfriend Eliza. Lily goes over to congratulate her twin brother

Wedding gift for the happy couple

Eliza was also born in-game. She is the daughter of 2 Sims I made to populate the town. She is really pretty, I hope they give Atsumi lots of grandbabies

Speaking of grandbabies - ahhhh yisss, number 2 is on the way and Viv is going to be a big sister

Walking home from school in the rain

Alex has tied he knot with his baby mama Lauren. One night at the bar Lily spots her slow dancing and flirting with this other guy, while Alex is also there. Rude!

He firmly walks over to them

But of course, being a stupid Sim, he just stands there like an idiot

So I have Lily "help" by asking him to break up with Lauren. And just like that Alex is now twice divorced

Lauren is taking it rather well

Baby time!

Dominic gets his wish, it's another girl!

Everyone, this is Miss Sophie and she looks mostly like her momma

Bonding with the grandma

Bonding with the big sis

First day of winter and Vivian's birthday. So yeah, more birthdays pics coming up!

You know the drill, cheering, yaddi yadda ya

Excuse me, it's MY birthday - don't you think I should be the one blowing out the candles?

That's more like it

Awww, she's so pretty with her long red hair

Can you believe someone brought a lousy autumn salad to a party? Talk about being cheap!

No pictures yet, but Atsumi is now the grandmother of 3. Last night while I was playing Tristan's wife Eliza gave birth to a baby boy named Xander. Atsumi will be heading over to their house and meet her new grandson next time I open my game.

I will leave you with this lovely picture *cue creepy music*

Thank you for looking and Happy Simming!

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