Jan 4, 2014

Slumber Party, Snowflake Day & Spring Graduation

Hello everyone!

I thought my first post in 2014 would be an update on Atsumi and the gang. So first off we have the grown ups Atsumi, Tamiko and Dominic enjoying a night out

And how fabulous does Tamiko look in one of the hairs from Roaring Heights?

Meanwhile back at the house the kids are having a slumber party and everyone is getting their groove on

Gourmet food is being served

Tristan and Mika are invited to the party, and Mika bonds with his little niece

Naomi is always happy to see her brothers (lol at Viv in the background)

Blue sleeping bag bonanza

You break it - you fix it!

Snowflake Day is here and they invite Alex, Tristan and Mika over for a family celebration. Gifts for everyone!

Afterwards Lily and the guys play video games

The little ones play peek-a-boo

After everything that has happened it's nice to have to whole family together again

Springtime stroll-o-rama

Thriller Sims 3 style

It's Lily's birthday!

Alex, Tristan and Mika are invited as usual, but for some reason only Mika shows up. Could have something to do with it also being Tristan's birthday as he is Lily's twin

Nevertheless, the small crowd cheers Lily on as she is about to leave her teens

All grown up and so pretty! She is the one who resembles Atsumi the most

Next up is her graduation and everyone dress up and head for the town hall

Alex and the boys come for the big event as well. I believe it was also Tristan's graduation

Mandatory crowding before they all manage to get inside

Tristan is also a young adult now, looking very much like Alex still

Sometimes I feel a little bad for breaking up the twins, but they do see each other often and they are always very affectionate 

They mingle outside the town hall for a little while

Then the twins and Tamiko go off to celebrate the graduation

Tristan got moves

Miss Vivian

Lily goes fishing and she catches this "thing"

Like what the heck?!

She is not impressed with this one dimensional swordfish

Naomi hangs out with her friends at the park, and for once someone else is telling a ghost story

The ghost story was so scary and traumatizing that she needs a therapy session

Seriously, dude. Awkward...

Alright, that's all for now! I'll leave you with a pic of this pretty colorful bird hanging out outside the art gallery

Thank you for looking!

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