Mar 11, 2012

Loke Aoki

Hey, hey...

I made Loke about a year ago and he has become my most downloaded male Sim with over 2, 000 dl's - which is a huge deal for me. So I thought I would give him a little make-over and improve his features a little bit as a celebration of sorts. Without further ado, I proudly present the new and improved Loke:

 He is very photogenic and a most excellent model and so I took more pictures of him than of my female Sims. lol

And finally some shots of him relaxing between takes. He likes My Chemical Romance and coffee. 

His hair is from the Master Suite SP.

From the EA Store:

CC Credits:
Checked with Custard.

Oh, and before I forget - the original version of him can be found here.

Alrighty, thank you for looking and have a great Sunday!

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