Mar 15, 2012

Route Guano Arcade

Good evening,

Yeah, so I caved and bought Showtime the other day even though I swore I wouldn't. But I just really, really wanted some new stuff for my Sims. I wont be simporting and chatting in game though, not interested in that at all. So I will continue to play offline by myself like I always have. At any rate, I made this new venue, an arcade type of place with fun activities for the whole family.

It's on a 20x30 lot, but I still managed to fit a lot of the new Showtime activities on it. No 3rd party CC, only EA content. Play tested and checked with Custard before uploading. The name Route Guano is quite random, just another MCR reference.

EP's used:
WA, Ambitions, Late Night Generations & Showtime. 

From the EA store:
Thank you for looking!

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