Dec 16, 2011

A Very Special Christmas Gift

Good evening all,

So 2 had become 3, and not long after the wedding both Atsumi & Alex rolled the wish for a baby.

And who am I to stand in the way of my Sims wishes?

Uh-oh, someone's not feeling so good...

 Announcing to Tamiko that she is going to be a big sister

Alex can't wait to be a dad

Lovely preggo walk

Atsumi went into labor

And everybody panicked

So, is this baby coming out or not?

So I had a nursery ready for the new family member. And I didn't cheat during the pregnancy, I wanted the gender to be a surprise. Yeah, I was surprised alright! Not only did I get twins, but my FIRST mixed gender twins ever! WOO-HOO! So I had to re-arrange the nursery in a hurry for the new arrivals

I don't care for the baby stage, so I just age them up almost immediately. So, here they are: Lily & Tristan - and they are a couple of cutie pies of course!

Lily looks mostly like her mommy

And Tristan looks like his daddy

Alex teaching Tristan to walk

And Lily to talk

The proud daddy

The twins in action

Family outing

Atsumi & Tamiko spending some quality time together

While Alex was at home potty training the twins

Atsumi & her little man

So, actually they got 2 very special Christmas gifts

Thank you for looking!
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