Mar 2, 2013

To Infinity And Beyond!

'Ello, 'ello!

I have taken so many pics lately that I figured I would post another update on the gang in Anne Arbor. Here we have the twins play pretend. Lily's pose here reminds me a little of Buzz Lightyear - hence the title of this post.

Oh, yeah - you so scary!

Tamiko is feeling a little mischievous and decides to prank the neighbor's house

A lovely bag of flaming poop


So busted

Alex and Atsumi head over to the local sports bar. Atsumi and Inez decide to sing karaoke

Atsumi is a little deterred by this rude heckler booing away

But she manages to ignore the heckler

And by the end of the song she is quite confident - maybe a little too confident

Meanwhile Alex engages in some male bonding

Lovely face

Hey, I like your outfit

Some fun at the Fall Festival

Tristan meets Hope at the festival. There is a pic of her as a tot in my last update. I think he has a bit of a crush on her - and I can see why, she is a cutie pie

He even gives her a gift - a goldfish. Awwww....

Wearing helmets when you're not joyriding just make you seem "special". Just saying

The couple across the street adopts a little girl, and Atsumi brings Mika over for a playdate

Squeaky clean and loving it

Tamiko love

Excuse me there, creepy lurker guy - can I help you?

Doing some yard work

Mika is quite the charmer and is already flirting with the ladies

Oh yeah - she's a keeper!

Winter is here

The kids go ice skating on a frozen pond

They boys build an igloo

Alex and Atsumi have themselves a date night at Akai Akuma Fusion Lounge that Yote made for me

I hope that's a Shirley Temple, miss Preggo!

Sadly the date is cut short as there is an emergency at the hospital and Alex has to leave. But they did get to groove a little

Atsumi has a little secret, she likes to do the smustle when Alex and the kids are at work and school. It's her guilty pleasure

Mama got style

Thank you for looking - Happy Simming!

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