Mar 15, 2013

Atsumi (updated version)

Hey, hey!
Some of you may know that Atsumi is my absolute favorite of all the Sims I've made. She is also the only one of my Sims that I actually play. I started her out as a single mom, then she met and married Alex whom she now has 3 kids with. Pictures and updates on them here. I have tweaked and improved her since I first uploaded her almost 2 years ago, and I have been thinking about uploading the new version of her. And here she is, the new and improved Atsumi!

Hair and clothes by EA:
University Life, Late Night, Generations, Seasons & Diesel


To get her look you will need the following CC:
Ephemera WEAK Asian non default skin
 Oh My Eyes defaults

Ephemera eyebrows, gloss, shadow & blush
  S-Club PrivĂ©e N19 lipstick


How to install .sim files:
Unzip the .sim file and place it in the SavedSims folder (documents - Electronics Arts - The Sims 3 - SavedSims). You can then find the Sim in CAS (Create A Sim).

  Feel free to do as you wish with my creations in your game, but please do not re-upload and claim as your own. Credit is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for looking and I hope you'll have as much fun with her as I have!

 PS! Original version here

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