Dec 8, 2013

Changes In The Cooper Family


So I've been meaning to post an update on my Cooper family for a while, so now I'm gonna try and cram a couple of months of game play into one post. So yeah, it will be pic heavy - as usual I suppose. As indicated in the title, there have been some changes in this family. First off, little miss Naomi's birthday is coming up. So Atsumi goes for one last stroll with her

I see you, daddy...

The big day is here, the baby of the family is becoming a big girl

She looks mostly like her daddy and brothers, I think

Everyone gives her gifts and she ends up with the spoiled moodlet - a first for me. She throws a tantrum and complains about the gifts not being good enough. Hilarious!

Snow Day!

Things are not going well for Atsumi and Alex, they are arguing a lot

And so they decide to take a break and Alex moves out. Tristan decides he wants to stay with his dad. They all still see each other a lot. Here's Mika visiting them in their new home

Naomi spends time with her dad at the park

Tristan stops by and Naomi tells him a ghost story

And so the time has come, Tamiko's birthday

From teen

To young adult

Tamiko meets Dominic and they hit it off really well

And soon they are dating

It's Mika's birthday and Naomi kicks off the party with one of her famous ghost stories

The whole family is gathered to celebrate

His face though, typical teen

That's better

It's summer and time for some beach fun!

 Hang on, is that a...

babybump? Why, yes it is. First grandbaby is on the way!

The baby is coming!

It took me long enough, but the second generation is finally here

This is little miss Vivian, she is cute as a button and I'm so glad she got her daddy's red hair

Proud mama

Proud grandmama

Aunt and niece bonding

Tamiko and Dominic get married

Good morning, daddy!

Naomi goes trick or treating and stops by her dad's house. He is very impressed with her gnome costume

Atsumi and Alex decide to end their marriage and get a divorce. But they agree to be friends for the sake of the kids

Lily hangs out with her dad at the library

Tattooed Tamiko

Mika goes to live with his dad, and so Dominic is now the only guy in a house full of women. He is thrilled as you can see

Okay, I think that's it for now - you are now all caught up to where I am at in my game. Oh, just a little fun fact: a few days after Atsumi and Alex divorced I got a pop-up saying he's started seeing this single mom with a toddler. Lol, good luck with that! As for Atsumi, I haven't decided if she will start dating again. She will eventually I'm sure, but at the moment she enjoys being single and a grandmother.

Thanks for looking!


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