Sep 24, 2012

Oh, The Joys Of Being A Mac Simmer...


I'm one of the lucky ones as I haven't had many problems playing The Sims 3 on a Mac. The minor issues I've experienced are the same ones Windows users have as well - and most of them can be fixed with mods. So my game was working fine yesterday and today I just got a "the game process could not be started" error message. I have gotten that a few times before but the game has always started despite that message. But not today. So I restarted my Mac, that didn't help - still the same message and the game wouldn't start. I moved my Sims 3 folder to the desktop to see if it would start without anything installed. Nope, no go. I repaired the permissions and restarted - ugghh, still no go. So I think maybe my game is ready for a clean re-install, it's good to have a fresh start sometimes. While I've been sitting here waiting for my games to download from GameTreeMac I went to the Mac forums and Tech Discussions - and holy moly! This isn't just happening to me, it seems this error is happening to Mac users across the board - none of us have changed or updated anything since yesterday and we all get this error and can't start our games today. I first found this thread in the Mac disscusions and then this thread started by a Mac user in Tech Discussions. I refuse to believe this is a coincidence. And I bet you if a SimGuru, and that's a BIG if, addresses this they'll probably tell us to re-install. In which case I'll reply: I'm way ahead of you!
If you're on a Mac and this is happening to you as well, please post on the thread in the Mac discussions!

/rant over.

Update 1 Sept. 25: The issue has been resolved, and SimGuruBrent just confirmed that on the Mac Discussion thread.

Update 2 Sept. 29: And the error is back...*roll eyes*