Aug 26, 2012

More Of The Gang In Lucky Palms


I have another update and a bunch of pictures of the Cooper family in Lucky Palms. They mostly live a quiet and drama free life, I kind of like it that way. Though occasionally something out of the ordinary happens. To start off the pic spam, here is Tamiko feeding the family pet Rodrigo:

One night a townie named Marisol something came by and Alex invited her in. It started out well and they chatted for a little bit. The rest of the family was home as well.

Then suddenly she started flirting with Alex! In his house. In front of his wife and kids. Luckily Alex rejected her immediately. I think his expression says it all.


Atsumi got herself a new hairdo (again).

Then she decided to treat herself to a massage at the spa.

She hired a babysitter for the twins, and she seemed pretty normal. She basically just stood and watched the kids play.

Atsumi felt rejuvenated and relaxed after the massage as she was riding home.

Maybe a bit too relaxed. Riding with your eyes closed doesn't seem very safe.

Tamiko has the best annoyed expression ever. Here she was annoyed at being woken up by crying.

Look at that annoyed face. Priceless.

Here we have some pictures of Alex spending some quality time with the kids.

Miss cutie patootie Lily.

And his cuteness Tristan.

Double cuteness.

Miss Tamiko precides over royal court. Why oh why does this costume come with this hideous haircut?

Best. Burger. Ever.

Family outing to the local art gallery. The artistic ones paint and the others play.

Atsumi and Alex watch the stars while the kids play.

Such a lovely couple.

One Sunday they invite the DeSoto household over, but only Aries and Celina came.

Tamiko and Celina are best friends so they had a blast.

Alex helped Aries get in shape.

The girls have some dinner.

Crowded house.

Aries went home while Celina spent the night.

I leave you with 2 stroller shots, I really like the scenery in Lucky Palms.

Thank you for looking - have a great weekend ♥

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