Aug 14, 2012

Highgate Hacienda In Lucky Palms

Bonsoir ladies & gents,

So here we have another EA make-over. Caspin mentioned earlier that her favorite place in Lucky Palms is up by the dried up lake beds. I guess you would call that the not so posh part of town. So I decided to check it out some more and that's when I came across the sad, dull little Highgate Hacienda and I immediately felt the urge to brighten up the place. And here is the result:

Even though it was built for Lucky Palms, you can place it on any 20x15 lot anywhere. I kept the original floorplan and only changed the interior and exterior design. Suitable for a single Sim or a couple. Some pictures for you:

EP/SPs used:
World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Showtime, Outdoor Living (only one piece of decor, so it doesn't make a difference if you don't have it), Master Suite and Diesel.

No store items except from a few items from Lucky Palms. If you don't have Lucky Palms you can still download this house, those items will be replaced with items you do have.

Play tested and checked with Custard.

Thank you for looking - have a great whatever time of the day it is in your part of the world ♥

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