Jul 16, 2012

Good Old Great Aunt Berta


I don't really frequent General Discussions on the official forums that much anymore, but maybe I should swing by more often. It can be quite entertaining. Like when winternoelle had a simple question about Lucky Palms and simpoints bundles:

Yeah, that's annoying how they set it up so you have to buy more than you acutally need. Then moments later winternoelle comes back with this comment:

Oh, really now - that sounds fishy. Or illegal even:

A couple of other people also agreed that this didn't exactly sound legit. Well, these accusations just appalled Ms. winternoelle. Appalled!

Well, that was quite generous of great aunt Berta indeed - she sounds really sweet and...wait, hang on - great aunt Berta, you say? Hmm, sounds familiar.

Aha! Still, who's to say how winternoelle really got her hands on Lucky Palms. She hasn't been back since, probably having the time of her life in LP - blissfully unaware that her thread is still going strong. The yay and nay sayers are keeping it alive with their theories and accusations. 6 pages now - you can check it out for yourself here. Enjoy!

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