Jul 26, 2012

Atsumi And The Gang In Lucky Palms

Hello peeps,

I seem to take these unplanned breaks from playing, I am always doing something Sims related like building and making Sims, but I can go weeks and months without playing my families. I don't really know why that is, because I really do love playing. Well, now I have a huge update on Atsumi and the gang - in other words it's a pic spam. After seeing all the pics on the forums of Lucky Palms, I decided to get it myself - even though I'm not a fan of EA worlds. But it is very beautiful and runs really smoothly with no lag (so far) - knock on wood. So, I made a new house for them, well it's not that new - it's just a re-modeled version of my Bali Bungalow

The colors in Lucky Palms are stunning and I am sure it helps that I have a lighting mod to enhance them, here is the house at sunrise

Atsumi is a natural cook and here she is in her new kitchen

I really love that restaurant type stove, but unfortunately it's cloned from one of the cheaper stoves. So it gave them the "uneven cooking" moodlet after every meal. It just annoyed me so much, and I couldn't be bothered with removing the moodlet all the time, so I got rid of it. This is the new arrangement

While the twins explore the new house, Tamiko has do to her homework

And afterwards she gets to do some exploring of her own

Then all the kids watch some TV, I love how annoyed Tamiko looks

Miss Tamiko off to first day of new school

Alex off to first day at work, looking slightly embarrassed at being caught on his less than manly scooter in his pink scrubs

Atsumi is at home with the twins and Tristan is up early enjoying his breakfast while Lily is still asleep

Attack of the claw is always a hit

The first thing Lily does when she wakes up is pick her nose. Charming!

Here she looks a lot like Tamiko at that age

And here she looks like she is up to no good

Since the block table is the only activity where they can all play together, they do that a lot

That night Kinslee Hudson, a pre-made in LP, dropped by to say hello. And I'm sorry, but pig tails on a grown woman is a no-no in my game. So back to CAS we went, I also tweaked her manly features a little bit. Here she is before

And here she is after - much better if I may say so

Even Atsumi seems to approve of the make-over. Girl, you look good!

They watch some TV, with Kinslee sitting way back there for whatever reason

Then she started pointing her finger and preaching at Tamiko. Tamiko was like, whatever lady - I just wanna eat my spaghetti.

She continued to whine and complain, so they had to ask her to leave

The twins catch up on their reading

Miss Tamiko does not appreciate crying when she is having a piece of cobbler

Alex is in charge of feeding and putting the twins to bed at night. Such a good husband

Hello Atsumi, you're looking lovely tonight

Friday night and they go to the gym. What a wholesome family

I hear some noises in the dark behind the gym and it turns out to be a lonely performer

All that juggling made her hungry

Alex tried to get to know her, but she had the personality of a dish rag. So yeah, I don't think they will invite her to any parties

Saturday is all about fun and games, and so they go to the arcade

Skee ball is my middle name

Fun times

It really bugs me that kids can't buy food. So Miss Tamiko has to make her own food, at least her skill level goes up

Tristan and his mommy

Alex and his old friend Aries play a game of domino

It's getting late, but Atsumi and Tamiko are hooked on the games. Gamblers Anonymous next

When they get home Alex reads Tamiko a bedtime story. And apparently he had time to cut his hair on the way home

And since Tamiko fell asleep in his bed, he has to sleep in the bunk bed in the kids room

It's Sunday and they decide to go on a stroll with the twins, but not together. Because that would be no fun. So they follow each other for a while

Before they go in opposite directions

Tamiko gets a visit from her friend Celina DeSoto. Look how politely they greet each other

They play some Domino

And later Atsumi and Tamiko have themselves a sushi night

Deep fryer fun

Deep fried chicken, nom-nom

Peek-a-boo time

Alex helps Tamiko with her homework when Lily walks by with her eyes on the xylophone. Crazy eyes that is

That's better. Guess she really wanted to play

I leave you with this lovely shot of Atsumi eating some ice cream - with a dash of hair apparently. Alex and Lily don't look all that impressed

Thank you for looking - have a great day/afternoon/night ♥

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