Jun 5, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Good evening,

So a new patch is out *shudders*. I was just over at the Mac forums and surprise, surprise: there are issues with the patch. Who didn't see that coming? Several are reporting this when trying to install the patch:

And the whole uninstall/reinstall dance every time a patch comes out is getting old as Axed84 said:

But of course if you contact EA CS that is exactly what they tell you to do. It seems to be their number one solution for everything:

"You locked your car keys in your car? No problem, just uninstall and reinstall your Sims 3 games and you should be on the road again in no time. Thanks for paying a butt load of money for our crappy products. Have a nice day!"

Will they ever get it right? Oh, sorry - forgot this is EA we're talking about here. My bad.

There is some good news for us Mac users though, there is finally a Mac version of the Upload Image Changer. Check it out HERE. I've been using the Windows version with Mono for quite some time, but this is so much easier. 

Thank you for looking and take care!

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