Feb 4, 2012

New House And New Town...Again

Happy Saturday everyone,

I lost all of my saves when I installed the latest update a few weeks ago. I'm not entirely sure what happened, it's quite possible it was my own fault. But let's blame EA anyway. Luckily I didn't lose my families as they were safe and sound in the bin. But homes and tweaked towns were lost. I was a little bummed at the time, but now I think it's good with a fresh start now and then. So now my families will live in Riverview Redux, a smaller and nicer version of EA's Riverview. I have tweaked it somewhat with placing my own lots in it and such, because I can never leave things as they are. I think I have some sort of tweaking compulsive disorder. Anyhoo, I was excited to just play again so I have an update on Atsumi & the gang for you.

They have settled in nicely in their new home, here's Atsumi and the twins in the kitchen  - I love that kitchen btw, I wish I could have it in RL.

Tamiko telling Atsumi a fascinating story

Everyone except Tristan who had a date with the potty at the time

Tamiko looking very much like her dad Gerard Way

Atsumi and Tristan getting ready for bed. Tamiko is already sound asleep

Alex relaxing before going to work

It's Sunday and they spend the day in the park

Improving some skills

While they are there a townie needs medical attention from Alex

She looks more than a little skeptical

He is nothing if not thorough

Take this and you'll be fine. Really

Spring ride fun!

And of course no one wants the fun to end

Tristan made a new friend

Alex made some dinner

Atsumi is a natural cook so he was wondering if she approved of his cooking

She did. Yum-yum

Late one night Alex's co-worker and his little tot stopped by. But they practically left as soon as they came since it was so late. I wonder why they even bothered coming. Silly sims

Tamiko in an ugly Princess dress

And looking deliciously naughty setting a trap for Alex on the computer. I've had Generations since it came out and I'm ashamed to say this is my first trap, and so I'm clueless as to what will happen to Alex. He hasn't been on the computer since she set the trap, so that will be in my next update

Thank you for looking - have a great weekend!

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