Oct 30, 2011

In-Game Pics: Atsumi & Tamiko


I've been enjoying playing one of my favorite Sims Atsumi and her little tot Tamiko this weekend, after a little break from them.

Tamiko is still a little cutie, though her birthday is coming up shortly. *sad face* I want her to be a toddler forever, but life goes on!

 Atsumi still runs her day care center, she is almost at the last level. 

In this town my 2 sims Evie and Aries are married and they have produced little cutie pie Celina who is in Atsumi's day care.

Celina & Tamiko

With kids everywhere Atsumi looks a little fed up. I'm thinking she might find something else to do once she's reached the last level in this career.

Nom-nom sushi!

Finally a day off and they can get out of the house. First stop: the gym.

Then a little trip to the art gallery for some inspiration

Oooooh! Ancient stuff!

That's all for now - thank you for looking!

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