Aug 8, 2011

House For Ginger

Good evening,

I'd like to share the house I made for my Sim Ginger with you. It's actually a renovation of The Swamper, a pre-made house that comes with Ambitions. I like the size of the house (it's on a 20X30 lot) and the ponds, so I thought I'd pretty it up a bit and make it a home for Ginger.

It's completely open planned (except for the bathroom, some privacy is needed!), which makes it seem a little bit more spacious than it is. So without further ado, here are some pictures:

And finally here's Ginger settled in her new home:


I hope you like it - thank you for looking!


This house is no longer available for download as it contains broken CC caused by the Pets patch. I may fix it and re-upload it some day, but as of now I don't have this house or all of the CC used in my game.
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