Jul 7, 2011

So, About Those Imaginary Friends...

Yeah, I'm not a fan. In fact, I strongly dislike them, no - I hate them.  I've only had one so far, and that was enough for me. So I got This Mod  (there's a mod for everything these days), unfortunately it doesn't get rid of the IF's you already have in your game - but it increases the chance of them running away. But all of my future kids are safe from this monstrosity.

This is Patterns.

I hate him with a passion. I put him in the "attic"...

...and he finds his way back to the nursery, stalking my poor little tot.

And of course you can't just delete the creeper (even though some people said they've deleted theirs with MOO - that didn't work for me), so I'm just waiting patiently for Patterns to run away.

Have a nice day!

UPDATE: Mwahahahaha! Patterns is G-O-N-E ! Thanks again for the tip, BookyGirl ♥
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