Jul 12, 2011

Pic Spam: Daycare Bonanza!

Good evening,

I've mostly been working on my articles for the next issue of Composition Magazine lately, but I took a little break to play my new favorite family, Atsumi & Tamiko. Atsumi has now started a daycare center in their home.

She started out with these 2, Cameron & Adam. Tamiko was thrilled about the new playmates.

Then Carter joined the group.

I placed my Bergen family in the town and the next little tot to join the group was sweet little Ingrid.

Then Adam grew up and was replaced by cutie pie Christopher Bergen, the newest addition to the Bergen family (thanks to Twallan's SP mod no doubt).

Feeding time! (and poor Atsumi in the uggo EA uniforms...)

Tamiko & Christopher are getting along great, and I've decided they should start dating when they become teens ♥

Atsumi teaching Christopher to talk and already playing matchmaker, hinting that he should marry Tamiko when they grow up.

Atsumi just made it to the next level and will be taking care of some kids after school as well apparently. So that should be interesting. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you for looking - have a nice evening wherever you are!

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