Aug 22, 2013

The Creative Society


Been wanting a new art gallery for my Sims for some time now, and I finally got around to making one. It turned out quite nice. It's nothing fancy though, I made it in a couple of hours. But I thought I'd share it anyway in case someone else is in the market for an art gallery as well. Please excuse the lame name, my mind went a little blank.

It's CC free, no store items either - YAY! 20x30 lot size. The first floor houses the art exhibition and rest rooms. While on the second floor you find the cafeteria, skill increasing area for Sim who want to learn painting, sculpting, writing etc. And as usual I haven't forgotten about the little ones, there is a play area for them. Some pictures for you!

No Stuff Packs were used, but it has items from all expansions up til Island Paradise

Play tested and checked with Custard

(both sims3pack & package file included)

*place package file in library folder. Path: My Documents - Electronic Arts - The Sims 3 - Library
Feel free to do as you wish with my creations in your game, but please do not re-upload and claim as your own. Credit is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for looking!
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