Feb 5, 2013

Moar Pics Of My Fave Family - Huge Update

Hello everyone!
I'm still enjoying my game and I'm taking lots of pics as well. So I figured it was time to post another update on Atsumi & the gang. I have honestly just been playing them since I got my Windows laptop. I do have plans to continue with my Roomies game, but they need a new house and town, so yeah...that will happen eventually. Anyhoo, in my last update it was Tamiko's birthday and she is now a teen. A week later it was the twins birthday. Here they are on the morning of their last day as little tots
I had originally planned a party for them at the park with guests and everything, but it started to rain and so I ditched that idea and just had a quiet family gathering at the house. Tristan was the first one to blow out his candles

Then it was Lily's turn
And here they are, still a couple of cutie pies of course!
They are best friends and they do everything together, like practicing roller skating
Doctor Alex (with his new hairdo) is in the house and ready to vaccinate the town folk
Some were a little frightened
Others a little skeptical
Others were only too happy to be treated by the good doctor
I noticed mostly women turned up, look at this bunch eagerly waiting
Really? That's what you're wearing to get vaccinated?
Meanwhile Atsumi found herself sporting a baby bump! Oh, don't look so surprised - you know it was bound to happen as soon as the twins grew up.
Uh-oh! The baby's coming! Alex can hardly contain his excitement.
It's a boy! Meet little Mika - which is a Japanese (unisex) name meaning "beautiful smell". I don't know how he smells, but he is beautiful
With the arrival of Mika the old house was getting a little too small, as much as I love that house it was time to find something bigger. So I made a few modifications to Amell Bungalow, like adding an extra room for Tamiko and of course my beloved CC clutter and such. Here we have the twins and Mika in the kitchen
Tamiko, her friend Celina and Mika watching TV in Tamiko's new room
Spring Festival and time for some egg hunting
Father and son play some football
Father and youngest son spend some quality time together
Atsumi and the twins get their groove on
Alex and Tamiko enter a pie eating contest
Which Alex won
Tristan has a good sense of humor and here he is entertaining Alex and Mika
Lily and Alex play some chess
They spend a hot summer day at the pool
Alex takes Lily on a fishing trip
They go to the library on this particularly lovely summer day
Alex tries an experimental treatment on Helena and she promptly faints. Fun fact: in this game Helena is married to Loke and they have 2 little toddler boys. Love Twallan's SP!
Mika and friends. The little boy in the middle is one of Helena and Loke's sons and the little girl is a cute townie tot called Hope
Working on some skills
Mika and Tristan at the library
This is the cutest thing ever, the twins showing off their after school activities achievements. Tristan showing off his scouting badges
And Lily showing off her pliƩ
OMG - that's a lot of pics! I will leave you with this one of Atsumi and Mika going for a stroll
Until next time, thank you for looking and Happy Simming!
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