Jan 11, 2013

Seasons Fun And A Birthday Party

Howdy everyone!

Here is a long overdue update on Atsumi and the family. I have been playing like crazy since I joined the dark side, aka Windows - so I have a ton of pictures. I feel like time has been standing still with them since I haven't been able to play them much in the last 6 months, but now things are finally moving forward for them. In this update I am mostly exploring the winter season (the season I was most excited about) and there is also a birthday party. So let the pic spam begin! Here we have the first rain ever in my game

So the fall season begins and Tamiko goes to the fall festival where she joins a pie eating contest

Unfortunately it starts to rain heavily

Disappointed she decides to go home

At home the twins are enjoying their new stuff. Tristan with the new toy box

And Alex giving Lily a bath (thank you Caspin for gifting me the new set)

It's Halloween and despite the bad weather Tamiko goes Trick or Treating

She meets best friend Celina

They arrive at the first house together, and it looks like Tamiko is worried that Celina will get all the candy

Not to worry, Max has enough candy for both of them

Back home Atsumi is handing out candy as well

The weather is getting worse, but Tamiko presses on. With a new umbrella since the last one broke like 5 minutes after she opened it

Nice "costume". Also, why do you have a fish on your door?

I cut the fall season short this time as I was so eager to see the snow. So first day of snow and they all head out to explore the winter activities

Tamiko and Alex on the ice

Atsumi concentrating on not falling

The twins having a blast

Snow angel

Atsumi and a friend have a snowball fight

Snow Day and no school for Tamiko! 

And later they go to the Winter Festival

Snow tots! The twins, a townie tot by the dollhouse and Max and his son Finley. Max is a single dad in this game btw

Tamiko and Atsumi are getting better on the ice

Oops! I spoke to soon...


It's Tamiko's birthday! Atsumi heads out early to buy a birthday cake

The birthday girl gets her favorite lobster for breakfast

Birthday present

Tamiko is very pleased with the present, a shiny new multitab

Waiting for the guests to arrive

The birthday party begins

It's going well, the guests are eating and dancing

That fried chicken sure looks tasty, I can't wait until I'm old enough to have some

It's time for the birthday girl to blow out the candles

Everybody gather around and start cheering her on

Here we go, my precious little girl is becoming a teen 

Ta-da! Here she is, and awww - she turned out so pretty (after ridding her of the ugly hair and clothes the game chose for her of course)

I have more pictures, so I will have to do another update soon. Also the twins birthday is in 2 days, so that will be exciting. And Alex and Atsumi are already wishing for another baby...

I will leave you with this lovely shot. I wanted to take a picture of Atsumi and Tamiko having breakfast, but Atsumi started to get up. And so instead I got this pic of her in a less than flattering pose

So, more to come soon. Thank you for looking and have a great weekend!

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