Jan 13, 2012

The Peachy Starter

I decided to enter Rubysim's 10x10 starter home contest as well. And this is my entry, called The Peachy Starter.

I used the live down cost method by having a Sim living in the house for a while, allowing me to use some of the nicer and more pricey items from the catalog. It took a while but I finally managed to get the lot value just below 16,500K without compromising too many of the items I really wanted to keep in it. All of the appliances and plumbing have been upgraded. No 3rd party CC was used, only EA content. I hope you like it!

Checked with Custard before uploading.

Thank you for looking!

The exchange is glitchy as per usual, so no store items are listed for this build even though I used some. Here is a list of them (hope I got them all):

Eero Mid Century Countertop 
 Alvar Vintage Famous Food Processor 
 Alvar Vintage But Modern Microwave 
 Grandmother's Cooktop 
I also used a wall light called Lightbulb Sconce that is no longer available and it wouldn't let me link it.
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