Nov 14, 2011

Romance & Birthday


So I have kind of a big update on Atsumi & Tamiko - lots of pictures to show you. The 2 of them have been getting along just fine alone. But now that Tamiko's birthday was coming up I started to think maybe it was time for Atsumi to meet a new man. So I had my eyes open for eligible bachelors when they were out and about...

The days went by and no future husband in sight. I started to think I would have to make one myself and place in town. I downloaded lots of different households for this town, so I was really hoping that there would be a suitable candidate somewhere. Also, Atsumi quit the day care profession the minute she reached the last level. So now she was in between careers and enjoying the last days with Tamiko before she aged up.

Awww - look at that face!

One day I saw this guy ride by on his bike, he looked pretty cute and I managed to get his name before he disappeared. I found out where he lived (alone luckily!) and sent Atsumi over to visit and check him out. And he turned out to be really cute! Especially after I changed his hair and clothes. Like Atsumi he is also family oriented and he picked up Tamiko and tickled her. Atsumi was pleased. So, meet Alex:

They chatted and it was going well, then he got hungry and started to cook and Atsumi talked on the phone.

Finally she found out that he was single and immediately put on her charm and started flirting away. Score!

Long story short, they decided to go steady and Atsumi asked him to move in with them and he said yes! He is really good with Tamiko, they are becoming fast friends.

One romantic night in the park, Alex proposed to Atsumi - she was so surprised and happy. And she said yes of course!

The big day was here, Tamiko's birthday! And Atsumi had organized a birthday party for her.

Time to blow out the candles!

Here we go - good luck little one!

Awww - look at my big birthday girl!

No birthday is complete without gifts.

The party was a success and everyone was tired and ready for bed.

Tamiko had her first day of school and Alex helped her with the homework.

Enjoying a night at home. Next they have a wedding to plan.

Wow, I didn't realize this update would be this big. lol

Thank you for looking!
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